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OUT NOW!!! on Lost Apparitions Records.....Hailing from the cold grim regions of Frostburg MD comes ABBESS with their Self title debut CD spilling forth a cauldron of black hate and doom with seven hellish tracks that slam into you like a 3 prong pitch fork from hell!!!!
  OUT NOW!!! On Lost Apparitions Records the legendary Death Metal band  from Springfield VA with their ultra CLASSIC!!! 1994 release MORBIUS - The Shades Below CD redone with brand new layout and cover design and bonus tracks this re issue will be mandatory for any and every death metal collection!!
OUT NOW!!!!!! On Lost Apparitions Records with their debut full length from Maryland death metal act CONDEMN THE INFECTED-DENY EXISTENCE delivers 8 tracks of cerebral death metal to transport you to another realm. Crushing riffs, pummeling drums and commanding vocals that assault the senses. For fans of Suffocation, Gorguts, Morbid Angel and Decapitated.
OUT NOW!!!!!! On Lost Apparitions records with their debut full length CD from Warthrone.. Brutal and relentless symphonic blackened death metal hailing from Virginia featuring ex- members of Dying Fetus and Witch-hunt. 8 new songs of  extreme and fast past paced neck snapping brutality plus a crushing remastered version of the debut 6 song E.P. 'Ghoststorm Eulogy" as bonus tracks. for fans of Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child to Cannibal Corpse and Napalms Death.
OUT NOW!!!!! on Lost Apparitions Records CRIMINAL ELEMENT with there new album MAIDEN BROOKLYN with five new songs and their re-release of the CRIMINALLY CONTAMINATED 7 inch E.P. from Relapse Records never before put out on CD. Featuring  members of SUFFOCATION,MISERY INDEX,and X-DYING FETUS.
OUT NOW!!!!! On Lost Apparitions Records hailing from Charlottesville VA we bring you the cold,dark,and grim hymns of SALVATICUS with their brand new debut release Hidden Manna.This album is nothing short of a grizzly horrific bedtime story that keeps you on the edge as the darkness creeps deep down into your very soul and plants its evil seed.Get your copy today and march on into forever darkness....Hail SALVATICUS!!!!!!
OUT NOW!!!!! on Lost Apparitions Records Sick and Brutal Death Grind from Charleston SC infamous and vicious guaranteed to bring you varying degrees of personal injury!!! 
 OUT NOW!!!!!  Bringing old school thrash metal back to VA and beyond.Born from the ashes of the NOVA Death Metal scene with former original members Pete Reid (ABOMINOG),Doug Southers (DECEASED) along with Bill Goodman and Big Jim Oliver debut this previously unreleased 2006 recording.Recorded at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington,VA
OUT NOW!!! Extreme Death/Grind/Thrash from Harrisonburg VA  giving you plenty of thrashing riffs with groove,layered blast beats,and endless brutality!!! 
OUT NOW!!! Brutal Death Metal from Fredrick MD featuring ex members of ABOMINOG and ETERNAL RUIN.Throat gripping and crushing enough said!!!!